Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

Texas allows fireworks during the holidays so we decided to shoot a few mortars and roman candles off on Christmas Eve.

Frisbee left presents and a letter for the boys before leaving one final time to the North Pole.

Santa lifted Frisbee's magic for a minute so the kids could give Frisbee and kiss and hug goodbye.

Parker tried to sneak into Santa's cookies...

Christmas Jammies!

Nativity Story

Leaving magic reindeer feed for Santa's reindeer

Mrs. Clause (AKA mommy), made these cute Santa Bags for Santa to leave their Christmas Presents in!  I love how they turned out!

New blankets for Grandma Glad

The look on Parker's face when he saw the wii game my parents bought him was priceless!  He was excited, to say the least!

Daddy loved his Texan flags

Brandon didn't want to wait to wear his new football shirt.  He tried to change clothes right in the middle of opening presents!  Haha, silly boy!

Our family had Trevor for Christmas.  We bought him a shirt that spells out BAND GEEK with music notes.  By far the most clever and thoughtful present of the year!  Hope he liked it because Jason and I thought it was hillarious! 

Brandon wanted a break from the fun!

Football slippers!

Parker was SO excited about his new bike!  His face says it all in these pics.

We finished the morning off with gooey rolls and decorating gingerbread men with Aunt Whitney!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Holiday Fun

The boys were the perfect age this year to enjoy all the magic that comes with the holidays and believing in Santa.  We went to Chick-Fil-A one night to have cookies and milk and listen to Santa read stories.

And another day to play Christmas Chick-Fil-A bingo

We go to Galveston every year to look at the Christmas Lights at Moody Gardens

While we were at the Garden, we went to the Ice Age exhibit.  The boys don't quite compare to the size of the Woolly Mammoth or the Irish Elk.

Last year Jennifer's family gave us a nativity set.  We got it out this year and painted it.  The kids spent several days working on this project.  They were so serious about painting and picking out colors!

Brandon dropped his sheep and it shattered in half on the tile floor.  He was heartbroken!  Luckily I was able to glue it back together without too much trouble.

Our elf Frisbee came back for the year and also helped wrap presents.

We also went to a friends house and decorated sugar cookies with friends from our ward.

And we found Santa Clause eating lunch at McDonalds.  Brandon was for SURE he was Santa and wouldn't leave McDonald's without sitting on the mans lap.

Parker had a Christmas Party in his Kindergarten Class before school let out for the holiday.

And we visited Santa one last time to tell him all our secret holiday wishes!

But after a month of celebrating Brandon was ready for a long nap!