Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend we spent watching conference and having fun with the kids.  We went to two different Easter egg hunts and then went to three of our neighbors houses and "egged" them.  We hid the candy filled eggs all over their yard and then doorbell ditched.  Parker thought the doorbell ditching was pretty fun!

Brandon found a pile of eggs right in front of him so he didn't even have to move.  Everyone ran into the middle and he was left alone to his little pile.

Sunday morning we had an Easter brunch at our house with a few friends before conference started.
Parker helped me fold these cute bunny napkins

For brunch we had sticky rolls, crab salad, ham and egg cups, sausage & pepper potatoes, lemon muffins and angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream!  I love holidays with family (and adopted family since we don't have family in town)!  

The kids were really good for conference.  We did "Conference Cash" again this year and the kids were good at listening.  I printed out different church coloring pages for them and they were good at entertaining themselves.  By the end of conference our house look like a bomb had gone off though!  They had crayons and coloring books all over!  

Friday, April 3, 2015

Texas Hill Country Wild Flowers 2015

 It is springtime in Texas and that means bluebonnet and wildflower season is here!  Parker had the day off school for Good Friday, so I took the kids to Chapel Hill and Brenham today to take pictures in the wildflowers.  The kids were NOT excited about going.  I told Brandon we were going to take pictures in the flowers and he threw himself on my bed and yelled "BUT I HATE BLUE BONNETS!"  He did not share in my joy for a beautiful drive to see the Texas wildflowers.

We stopped at off the side of the freeway at the "Welcome to Texas Hill Country" sign and took a few pictures.  The bluebonnets weren't as dense this year as they were last year but they were still beautiful!

We later stopped at a patch of indian paintbrush and took a few more.  As you can tell from the pictures, Brandon's enthusiasm did not grow…He had a forced grumpy smile in almost every pic!

Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Family Cruise 2015

Last week Jason and I surprised the boys and took them on a cruise to Belize, Cozumel and Isla Roatan Honduras.  We tricked the kids into thinking we were going to Galveston to play at the beach but instead we were going to Galveston to get on the boat!  The cruise ship had problems getting back into port because of heavy fog so we couldn't get on the ship in the morning and ended up waiting in lines for almost 4 hours to get on the ship in the afternoon.

I made all of us cute matching shirts that said "Eat Sleep Cruise" on them.  We got a lot of compliments and lots of people wanting to know where we got our shirts.  They were a big hit!

On the ship days we hung out in the pool, went miniature golfing, took the kids to camp carnival and played lots of games.

It was fun having Brent and Angie on the cruise with us!  I'm glad I married into such great friends.

The boys spent time in the pool chicken fighting.  Good thing Brent is such a good sport!

Our first port day the ship stopped at Isla Roatan, Hoduras.  We caught a taxi to the beach and spent the day playing in the water.  Jason and Brent went Scuba Diving and Angie and the boys and I went parasailing. 

My little water babies spent most of their time finding rocks and treasures at the beach.

Jason has been off soda for a few months and said the first thing he was going to do on our cruise was get a coke on the beach!

I have always wanted to go parasailing so Angie and the kids and I decided to go while we were waiting for the guys to finish up their dive.  It didn't look quite as high up when we were on the beach but we went up 800 feet!

Brandon LOVED it!

After parasailing we were STARVING so we found a little restaurant on the beach and ate.

Haha, Parker wasn't quite sure about the big island bugs!

Jason and Brandon did two dives so after their first dive their joined us and played on the beach before going on their next dive.

I told Brandon he needed 5 minutes of quite time laying on my lap in the shade.  I think it only took him one minute to fall asleep!

Parker and I skipped rocks in the ocean for a good hour while Brandon napped and we waiting for the guys to get back.

We cut it REALLY close on getting back to the boat.  Their dive was supposed to get back a good 30-40 minutes before it did.  We had to book it to the ship.  I'm pretty sure we were the last ones on...

Our second port day we went to Belize.  Jason and I went cave tubing in Belize about ten years ago and thought it would be fun to go back and take the kids.  We went when cave tubing before they had just started doing river tours and we floated on black inner tubes down the deserted river.  Now cave tubing is very popular and they had nice big tubes but we were all tied together and there were SO many people.  Quite a different experience from the first time we went.  

Parker's poor eyes were so sunburned and swollen from playing in the ocean the day before!

Our tour guid stopped a few placed along our hike and showed up different plants in the area.  He knocked down a cacooey nut (I have no idea the spelling) and cracked it open for the kids to try.  It was almost like a very miniature coconut.  The kids loved it!

He also dug out termites out of a termite nest for the kids to eat.  They tasted just like mint!

Our tour guide was very chill and let us stop along the route and hike up the natural waterfall and go cliff diving into a natural pool in the cave.  My kids have no fear and jumped right off the cliff (a few times).

It didn't take long for Brandon to fall asleep in the van back on our way to the boat!  We wore the poor kid out.

Our last port day we went to Paradise Beach in Cozumel.  The kids spent the day playing in the ocean and swimming in their pool.

We had the beach and the pool to ourselves for most of the morning but once afternoon hit the beach was PACKED!

I can't believe I've been married to this guy for almost 10 years!  Crazy how time flies!

Haha, I told the kids to have 10 minute quiet time and dad only lasted 2 minutes of quiet time before he was sound asleep!  Brandon was only a few minutes behind him!

We played a lot of cards on the boat

We may have eaten our weight in ice cream this week!

What a fun trip!!  Ah, reality and laundry isn't quite as fun as vacationing!