Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lego Art

A few weeks ago Chick-Fil-A hosted a kids Lego morning.  They had lego spin art, lego building and they even got their own lego crayons to color lego coloring pages with!  We love Chick-Fil-A kid days!

Donut Showdown

Every morning after Parker gets on the bus Brandon and I watch cooking shows together.  Brandon is obsessed with cooking and tells me he is going to be a famous chef when he grows up!  We watch a show called Donut Showdown so when Parker got home from school we had our own "showdown" and fried up some donuts!

We made glazed donuts with cinnamon sugar!  Yum.

Jazz vs Houston

Last month the Jazz played in Houston so of course we had to go!  When we walked into the stadium they were giving out free Houston Rockets posters.  My boys both refused posters and looked at the girl handing them out like she was crazy for even offering such filth to them!  Haha, definitely a proud daddy moment for Jason.  

Pre-game fun at the HEB kid zone.

Family selfie fail

My handsome PB&J sandwich (Parker, Brandon & Jason)

Our friends the Merkley's met us at the game.  They are also huge Jazz fans and have three adorable little boys!

New Suits

Jason bought the boys new suits for church.  Aren't they handsome?!

I was getting ready for church last week and I came out of my room to find Parker reading scriptures to Brandon.  What a precious moment between these two!

Parker was also very excited to show his dad his new CTR ring.

I usually bring quiet activities for the boys or crayons to entertain them but the past two weeks I haven't brought anything with me and both weeks the boys have zonked out.  I think I just need to stop bringing activities :)

Time Out For Woman

A few weeks ago my friend Emily and I went to San Antonio to attend Time Out For Woman.  Emily and I had such a great weekend!

San Antonio River Walk 

Somehow we ended up with amazing seats both days!

We ate at some great restaurants doing our weekend trip.  Friday night we found a fun pizza pub called Barbaro.  Saturday we ate at Boudro's Texas Bistro.  Yum, our food was fantastic.  Haha, and we had to get dessert because we didn't have little boys to share with!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend we spent watching conference and having fun with the kids.  We went to two different Easter egg hunts and then went to three of our neighbors houses and "egged" them.  We hid the candy filled eggs all over their yard and then doorbell ditched.  Parker thought the doorbell ditching was pretty fun!

Brandon found a pile of eggs right in front of him so he didn't even have to move.  Everyone ran into the middle and he was left alone to his little pile.

Sunday morning we had an Easter brunch at our house with a few friends before conference started.
Parker helped me fold these cute bunny napkins

For brunch we had sticky rolls, crab salad, ham and egg cups, sausage & pepper potatoes, lemon muffins and angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream!  I love holidays with family (and adopted family since we don't have family in town)!  

The kids were really good for conference.  We did "Conference Cash" again this year and the kids were good at listening.  I printed out different church coloring pages for them and they were good at entertaining themselves.  By the end of conference our house look like a bomb had gone off though!  They had crayons and coloring books all over!