Monday, August 31, 2015

Parker's First Piano Lesson

Piano has always been a big part of my life.  I have been excited for Parker to start taking piano lessons.  He was on a waiting list to take lessons from a lady in our ward but the teacher moved and now there is no one in the area who teaches.  I've been wanting him to take lessons but haven't been thrilled about teaching him.  I want him to learn and to listen and sometimes taking lessons from a parent doesn't always work out.  However, there really isn't another option for him right now and he is SUPER excited about lessons, so today I bit the bullet and taught him his first lesson!!  Best mommy day ever!  Not only am I so excited to be teaching piano again but my little man is going to learn to play the piano.  I hope is excitement lasts and that he will find as much joy in music as I do!

Welcome Back Blue Bell

Haha, I saw this on Facebook today and had a good laugh!

Today Blue Bell Ice Cream hit the shelves again after being off the market since early this spring.  I'm always looking for an excuse to plan a party so I thought a "Welcome Back Blue Bell" party would be a great excuse to have friends over and eat ice cream!  I'm not a big ice cream eater but I'm a big fan of having Texas Pride and having any reason to party with friends!

Lexie's birthday is tomorrow so I made her ice cream cupcakes for the party and surprised her!  

I filled these cute little ice cream cones with treats for the kids.

My sweet friend Lexie is moving to Utah next week and I am so sad.  She has become such a dear friend.  She was my "Messy Monday" buddy and my shoulder to cry on!  Happy birthday!  You will be missed. 

Welcome Back Blue Bell :)

First Day of School

Last week Parker and Brandon started school.  Brandon couldn't wait for school to start.  The last few weeks before school started he would tell us everyday, "Oh!  I wish school could start today!"  He was excited to be like his big brother, to ride the bus and to pack a lunch!

Parker is such a good big brother.  He told Jason, "You don't have to walk Brandon to class Dad.  I'll take him!"  He walks Brandon to his class every morning!  I'm so grateful Brandon has such a good friend and a great brother!

Texans Game 2015

Jason and I wanted to take the boys to a Texans football game this year and we thought that a pre-season game would be perfect!  The perfect price and a football game not on a Sunday!

Brandon didn't last long on the drive to the game before he fell asleep.  His nose made a good pillow :)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Parker's Camping Birthday Party

Parker wanted a camping birthday party this year and he wanted to celebrate with his cousins.  So I threw him his party while we were in Utah at my parents house.  I had all these great ideas of doing the party outside in my parents backyard with the fire pit and then I got lazy so we partied inside where it was nice and cool.  

Rebecca and I had a lot of fun decorating Parker's cake together.

I love how to table turned out!

All the kids got a hobo sack filled with fun things!

I made cute shirts for the party.  Parker's says "Camping Is In Tents"

Brandon's says "Take A Hike"

We played lots of fun games like simon says, red light green light, hot potato, tug of war, potato sack races, three legged races and the parachute.

I sent the kids on a scavenger hunt to find a buried geocache filled with geodes.

Lunch Time

Parker was SO excited for new boots and new cowboy clothes.  He has been asking for cowboy boots for a long time. 

Since Heather's boys are getting older (Brayden will be 17 in a few weeks), I tried to find things that the big boys would enjoy doing.  I think they liked the compass paracord bracelets.  The big kids were good at helping the little guys finish theirs.

Happy, Happy Birthday Parker!!!