Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Drive In Movie

A few weeks ago we went to the drive in movie with our friends.  Unfortunately the playground and most of the parking lots of muddy and swampy from the rain.  Somehow we went home with non-muddy kids.  Not quite sure how we managed that!

Haha, I take that back--semi not muddy children...

Aimee was a genius and brought the pack n play for Kyle to hang out in so she didn't have to chase him around the mud puddles.

The kiddos stayed awake through the first movie and then they slept through the second.

Kyle fell asleep in his carseat so we put Brandon down to bed in his crib.  

I made the mistake of wearing flip flops and ended up with mosquito and fire ant bitten feet!

More Endometriosis Troubles

Last August I had surgery to remove endometriosis.  The surgery went well and the Dr. was able to take out a lot of endometriosis but I still had horrible pain!  Unfortunately the endometriosis came back with vengeance I had to go in for surgery again last week.  

Jason and I found a great endo specialist in the Woodlands who is one of the best surgeons in the nation.  I know we were blessed to have found him.  I went into to surgery thinking it would be a quick surgery but of course things don't always go according to plan.

Instead a woke up and found out that the endometriosis had spread into my organs and that the Dr. had to take my appendix out before it burst as well as lots of other endo problems.  Monday's Dr. appointment will be interesting.  I'm afraid I'm not done with surgeries.  Sometimes being a girl is rough.

Luckily I have lots of family and friends who have been taking extra special care of me this week.  Brandon has been my cuddle buddy.

Haha, the girls came over to keep me entertained and so we could watch our second Harry Potter movie and some how I was the only one who stayed awake!  It should have been the other way around!

We have played lots of card games on the couch this week.

And if I move from my designated spot on the couch for one second this is what will happen.  A little boy will swoop in and take over your blanket and pillows and then try to look so innocent!

And who wouldn't feel better after getting a cute love note like this?!

Ward Party

So, at the beginning of the year I was asked to plan an adult ward game night.  The date was set for a weekend in March and then the bishopric proceeded to change the date another two times after that.  When they finally settled on a date they put in the Saturday night over Memorial Day weekend!  Ah, what horrible timing.  We have a HUGE ward and we had 20 people total.  Such a horrible turnout.  However I think that the people who attended had a great time.

Since we had such a small group we didn't break up into teams we just all competed against each other.

We had four different stations with different games and then the top winners competed on stage with a few of the more embarrassing games.

Dessert time

Our winners

Rainy Month of May

I know that the old saying goes "April Showers Bring May Flowers" so I'm wondering what May showers bring?  May was a very rainy month for us in Houston.  We had so many crazy storms.  We had one especially intense rainstorm last week where it rained over 5 inches in only a few hours.

I tried to drive home from the store one afternoon and I had to turn around.  The water was SO deep.

We live in the middle of that red massive storm.

This was part of I-45 the night of the storm...

Haha, I thought this was funny!

A friend from our old neighborhood posted this picture on Facebook.  Luckily our neighborhood now didn't flood.  Although my backyard is a marsh!

This was after one of the smaller storms

These storm totals were only counting the rainfall on Monday night alone. I think I read somewhere that Houston got over 18 inches during the month of May.

Random May Photos

Nothing too exciting happened in May but I have so many random pictures from this month.  So here is a post of all the random daily life happenings at the Glad house this month!

Brandon and I made blueberry lemon bread…and I came back into the kitchen a few hours later and found this…BRANDON!  He had eaten all of the frosting off the entire loaf!

Jason came home the store with a diet coke for me.  He just grabbed a random coke out of the fridge next to the cash register at Wal-Mart and look which one he got!

Every saturday morning has been filled with soccer practice and games.  Somehow the kids ended up on the same team even though they are supposed to be in different age groups.  I am not complaining because I only have to sit through one game and one practice!

We made pina colada's for dinner and drank it out of the pineapple!

I went in to check on the boys one night and found them having a sleepover on the floor together.  Brandon had fallen asleep reading his scripture book.  What cute boys.

Parker and Brandon got into a fight one night before bed.  The next morning Parker drew this picture for Brandon.  It said, "Sorry I was being mean.  I will play soccer with you.  I hope you have a good day."  Brandon carried the picture around the entire day.

Our friend Ruby watched our boys one night a few weeks ago.  She built them a fort.  The boys slept in their "fort" together for a week until I forced them to take it down.

I hosted a Lu La Roe party at my house.  I didn't realize it was Memorial Day weekend but I still had a good time and earned two free skirts!

And bought myself this cute dress.  I love it!

Parker spent an afternoon building a village.  He put a lot of work into it!

Sometimes sleeping in the hall is better than in your bed (ah, to be little again and not mind sleeping on the hard floor)!

Me: "Parker what are you doing?!"
Parker: "Keeping my eyes peeled!"

Double time outs happen quite frequently around here unfortunately!