Sunday, November 30, 2014

Disneyworld Trip 2014

For Thanksgiving break Jason and I took our boys to Walt Disney World in Florida.  The boys had a soccer game Saturday morning so we went to soccer and then headed out after we got home from the game.

The kids had their playoff game and lost 2-1.  Both Parker and Brandon came off the field bawling.  They were so sad that they lost.

The kids were great on the drive.  Brandon entertained himself by coloring most of the time.

And poor Parker spent most of the drive asleep while he wasn't throwing up.  Parker was feeling fine when we left but a few hours into our drive he started throwing up and had such a high fever.  He was miserable for the first 5 days of our trip.  We knew he was super sick when he asked us to take him to the Dr. instead of going to Disneyland.  And if you know how much Parker is petrified of Dr.'s then it really is saying something.

Our friends Keven and Aimee and their kids came with us on our trip.  Aimee is a HUGE Harry Potter fan so Sunday Aimee and I went to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios.  The attention to detail at the park was amazing!

Sunday night we went to dinner at Giordano's.  I don't know if I was more excited about Disney World or at eating at Giordano's.  When we lived in Chicago, Giordano's was our favorite Chicago style pizza joint.  I was SO excited to eat at one in Orlando!

Poor Parker.  He was so miserable.

Every night "Mickey" would come to our hotel and leave the kids presents if they had been good during the day.  Mickey left a list of rules for the kids that they had to follow.  They were excited to come home every night and see what Mickey brought them.  I had gone to the $1 store before we left and bought lots of little mickey presents.  This was also great because the kids never asked for anything at the parks because they knew Mickey would bring them something when they got home.

The first night Mickey left the kids pajamas

Vacationing is hard work!  The second the kids would lay down on the couch they were out cold!

Our first day at Disney we went to Magical Kingdom.  Jason took Parker to the Dr. and Brandon and I went to Disney and then they joined us later in the afternoon.  The Dr. thought Parker had appendicits at first but luckily it was only a virus. 

Brandon went on all the rides--even the haunted mansion!

Brandon was happy because I kept him full of snacks all day.  I love that Disney will let you bring in any drinks and snacks.  It saved us a ton of money bringing in our own food!

But I couldn't resist buying an ice cream to share with Brandon.  He was such a good boy at the park!

Parker was such a trooper.  He was not feeling well but still had a smile!

I loved all the Christmas decorations around the park!

I was so bummed.  I made matching shirts for us for the trip but somehow I forgot to pack Jason's shirts.  I was so mad.  Haha, but I'm sure Jason was secretly happy he didn't have to be matchy-matchy!

Brandon loved the Buzz Lightyear ride.

When we packed for our trip it was supposed to be sunny in the high 80s.  Well we got to Florida and the weather decided to be rainy and FREEZING!  The high most of the days we were there was 50.  I definitely hadn't packed for cold, rainy weather!  

Day two we went to Epcot because most everything was inside and we could hide from the rain.  

All Brandon wanted to do at Disneyworld was meet Mickey Mouse.  He didn't care about anything else!

Epcot had the "taste of Coke" where you could try all sorts of drinks from different countries.  Brandon (our junk food king) was in heaven.

We got drenched!  At one point the water was almost to my knees when we were trying to get into one of the buildings!

Parker would fall asleep immediately if he sat down.

I feel bad that he didn't really enjoy our trip

Brandon is one of the best sharers that I have ever seen.  He will share EVERYTHING but he will not share his crayons!  He and Eden got into quite a few arguments over crayons!  Brandon is a sweet kid but don't mess with his coloring!

Parker lost his first tooth while we were in Florida!  He has a cute toothless grin now.

Day three we went back to Magic Kingdom.  We had planned on Hollywood studios but the kids just wanted to go back and ride the rides in Magic Kingdom.  I'm glad we did that.  The kids did not enjoy Epcot and I don't know how much they would have enjoyed Hollywood either since there aren't many rides in that park.

Haha, these two were cracking me up.  They were waiting in line and kept telling each other secrets.

Thanksgiving Day we slept in and then went to Golden Corral for Thanksgiving dinner.  I was excited because our hotel had tons of Thanksgiving activities going on all day but the weather was so cold and SO rainy that we were too chicken to go outside if we didn't have to.  I don't think the kids would have enjoyed the turkey trot fun run in 30 degree weather.  

I made myself some cute shoes for our trip!

And painted some mickey nails and toes

Thanksgiving dinner is awesome when you don't have to cook or do dishes!

And when you can have cotton candy for dessert

After dinner we headed to Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks and the light parade.  I had only packed light jackets  for us so Jason and I had to go to Walmart the night before and try to find something warmer for the kids to wear.  Unfortunately it was the night before Thanksgiving and they had moved all their merchandise to make way for Black Friday pallets so they didn't have any of their coats or gloves or anything out.  I ended up going to a souvenir shop and finding some sweatshirts for the kids.  Poor kids were still freezing though because it was low 40s all night.  

I don't know what Brandon was mad about in these pics but he was sure making faces at his brother about something.

We colored and mailed postcards from Dinsey World.  This may have been Brandon's favorite part of our trip.  That kids loves to color.

Thanksgiving night Santa was at Disney.  Brandon really wanted to see him and Parker did NOT!  Luckily the santa was GREAT and Parker really enjoyed talking to him.  AND--Parker lost another tooth while sitting on Santa's lap.  Santa told Parker he would bring him his two front teeth.

More Magic Kingdom fun!

We used one of our fast pass selections to get front row seats to the light parade in front of the castle!  Brandon was the only kid who stayed awake to see the parade.

Our last park day we went to Animal kingdom.  Because of the weather none of the animals were out but we still found a few fun things to do with the kids.

When we entered the park the kids got "wilderness explorer" books where they could earn badges for doing different activities around the park.  My boys really liked this part of the day.

I love these two!

Digging for dinosaur bones

Brandon LOVED expedition everest

One of my favorite things was the lion king show!  It was amazing!

We knew it was time to go when all the kids were sound asleep when we walked out of the show.

On our way home from Florida was stopped in Biloxi, Mississippi and ate at The Shed.  I had seen The Shed on the food network a few times so I was really excited to go eat there!  It didn't dissappoint.

We had to add our own $1 to the ceiling

We got home about 4 am this morning!  We had such a fun trip but I think we are all ready for a nice long nap :)