Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This and That

Last week was our Scout pinewood derby.  Since they split our ward a few months ago our cub scout number are few.  We only had seven boys participate in our derby this year.  It is a good thing I am gaining three scouts this summer because I only have one Wolf in my den right now.

Jason and the boys bought Miss Daisy her first Texans jersey!  When did we turn into dog parents who dress their dog?!?!

Parker caught a garden snake in our yard this week.  Yuck!

For Tiger scouts this week we learned about abstract art.  To make our own abstract art project, I filled empty egg shells with paint and let the kids throw the eggs at a canvas.  So much fun!

Jason went with Brandon to Old MacDonald's farm for the Kinder field trip.  What a fun dad!

Houston Scout Fair 2016

Saturday I took the boys downtown to the Houston Scout Fair.  We had such an awesome time!  We spent 4 hours at the event and only saw probably 15% of what there was to offer.  Scouts from over 16 counties participated and hosted booths for the scouts to enjoy.

My tiger scout found THE tiger scout!

Brandon was happy that he won bingo.

Parker was able to pass off quite a few requirements toward various belt loops.  He was able to finish his Fire Safety at the event.

I love this cute kid and am proud of his hard work and determination!

Grandpa Parks Funeral

Jason's grandpa passed away a few weeks ago so we flew to Newport Beach, California for the funeral.  The night before we left Brandon got into a fight with his bunk bed.  Luckily we have a friend who is a nurse who came over and patched him up.

And sweet Daisy kept him company until he fell asleep on the couch.

We had a late night and then got up to fly to California.  The kids were exhausted by the time we arrived.  

We had to wait at the airport for another few hours until the rest of Jason's family arrived and Brandon reached his breaking point!  Poor kid had had enouogh.

Luckily he cheered up when he saw his cousins!

Funerals are sad but they make for wonderful family reunions.  

Haha, Jason's sister and I didn't plan on having matching kids at dinner but I guess great minds think alike!

I was excited to get to hang out with Amanda.  Jason's cousin Austin and his wife Amanda worked with us one summer while we were selling in Virginia and we have been great friends ever since.  It was so great to catch up with her!  I wish we lived closer!

We stayed a few days after the funeral and spent time with all of Jason's family and all of his cousins.

Adam was a good sport to let all the kids torture him in the pool.

We met up with Jason's cousins at Corona Del Mar beach

Brandon wasn't impressed with the freezer cold water!

Parker liked to search for hermit crabs.

After the beach we went to Jason's grandpa's house.

Brandon fell in love with the neighbors lemon tree.  He now asks me every day when we are going to go buy a lemon tree to plant in our yard.

Before we headed back to the hotel we stopped at Huntington Beach and strolled through all the shops along the beach.

Brandon was sad to say goodbye.  We can't wait to go to Utah this summer so we can play with our cousins again!