Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Parker's First Day of School

I can't believe Parker is old enough to be in Kindergarten!  He is enjoying school and LOVES to ride the school bus.

 Poor Brandon is lost without his friend at home.  Yesterday Brandon slept in and missed saying by to Parker and when he woke up and realized that Parker was gone he started bawling!  3:15 can't get here fast enough for Brandon.  He bear hugs Parker every day as soon as he sees him!

Parker got a black eye the first week of school.  He was playing football with jason and was running to catch the ball and didn't watch where is was going and ran straight into a door knob.

BYU Game in Austin

Last weekend we drove to Austin with some friends for the BYU vs Texas football game.  The night before we left Aimee and I did our nails (and Eden's) for the game.

We woke up bright and early and headed to Rudy's BBQ for breakfast tacos before getting on the road.

We got to Austin a little early so we decided to take the kids bowling before the game started.  I officially beat Jason bowling for the first time in my entire life.  It just happened to be when Jason had a horrible game and I had a great game but I was proud of beating him. 

After bowling we headed to Trudy's for stuffed avocados.  This is the one place we have to eat at every time we go to Austin.  It is by far the best Tex Mex in Texas and the best thing you will ever eat!

The Texas stadium is HUGE!

Eden was my buddy at the game.  Don't you think I need a little Blondie like her?!

What a great game.  BYU definitely deserved the win!

And since we all know Siri is pretty smart you should ask her who her favorite college football team is! Her answer is great!

We spent the night in Round Rock and woke up early to get some Round Rock donuts!  Let's be honest--we go to Austin for the AMAZING food!

After donuts we headed back to the hotel to swim.  Well, the boys swam and the girls enjoyed watching the chaos.

We checked out and headed to Torchy's Taco's for lunch.  I've head great reviews about Torchy's but had never tried it before our trip to Austin.  I ordered the queso and the Chipotle shrimp tacos.  YUMMO!  Why does Austin have all the great food?!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Texans Football Game

Jason did an incentive for the guys at work that if they sold a certain number of accounts during the week they would earn a ticket to the Texans preseason game on Saturday night.  
Jason took Parker and Brandon to the game with him.  They had such a fun time with their daddy!  

ENDometriosis Surgery

A few days after we got home from Oregon I went in for surgery.  I have always struggled with horrible periods but in the last few years I have really had a hard time.  We had a miscarriage a few years ago and from then on things have been rough.  We tried fertility drugs and that just caused more problems so I finally decided surgery was the only option to get feeling better.   I was nervous about surgery because there is no way for the Dr. to tell what is going on until he does the surgery.  Luckily every went great and the Dr. was able to remove all the endometriosis he saw, two large cysts and removed endometrioma from both ovaries.  

I told Jason if I was going to be miserable in the hospital I was going to take my own blanket.  
Thumbs up for surviving!

Recovery is great when you have two cute boys to cuddle with you.  

My Dr. told me bikini season was officially over.  

I'm interested to hear what the Dr. has to say on Friday about everything.  I am holding out hope that we will able to get pregnant without any further fertility treatments and that I will start feeling better SOON!  

I am so grateful to have two beautiful kids!  I think it would be a lot harder going through all of this without any kids!  However, wouldn't it be fun to add another baby to our family? Or two or three?  I don't know what the future holds but I know that Heavenly Father has great things in store for our family (wether my family is large or small)!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Murray Family 2014
Neskowin, Oregon

Oregon Coast 2014 --Day 6 & 7--

Our last full day at the beach we spent the day lounging around.  Cole took us out to the far end of the end to find crabs while it was still low tide. 

Haha, we were quite a big group when we were all together!

Brandon had fun trying to catch tadpoles in the tide pools.

This kid is a beach bum!

It's all fun and games until you trip while running on the beach and you end up with a sand mustache and you look like hitler!

All the boys thought they would do a polar plunge in the ocean on the last day.  They are CRAZY! 

The afternoon was a Cosby Show marathon and naptime

While the parents napped, grandma made snow cones

Everyone headed home bright and early Friday morning but my little family spent the night in Portland before we caught our flight Saturday afternoon.  We spent Friday in Tillamook miniature golfing, eating fish and chips and going to the Tillamook Jerky Outlet.

Saturday we woke up and went to a free kids day in the park that we had seen a flyer for at our hotel.  It was the perfect morning entertainment before heading to the airport.

What a fun perfect ending to a month long vacation!  We are going through cousin withdrawals at our house already.  The kids are missing their friends SO much!