Thursday, October 23, 2014


My Grandma Murray past away last week so Jason and the boys and I flew to Utah to attend her funeral.  I'm so glad we were able to attend and be part of celebrating her life.

My Grandpa Horne was at the funeral and had all the kids laughing.  I'm so grateful for great examples that my kids have to learn from!

The best thing about Utah is always spending time with the cousins!

The three musketeers were re-united!

We were only in Utah for a few days so we had to get as much fun packed in as we could.  We took advantage of every second!  The girls took the kids up Uintah Canyon for a picnic and to play in the beautiful fall weather while the daddy's went 4-wheeling!  I was happy to see beautiful fall leaves!

Jason spent time helping his dad fix the swing set so the boys could swing.

More cousins to play with :)

Grandpa Glad took all the grandson's to the BYU game.  They were tuckered out by the end of the night--and had to leave early because Parker was throwing up :(

I had fun playing with baby Griffin!  Such a cutie!

I am so grateful for the plan of salvation and for the knowledge that we can be together forever with our families because we have one awesome family!

Booster Fun Run

Parker's school had a "Fun Run" for their school fundraiser.  Parker was really excited to run.  It was the only thing he talked about the entire week before the run!  He couldn't wait.  He REALLY wanted to run all 35 laps.  Most kids would walk or take a break but Parker would not stop until he got all his laps in.  He didn't want to run out of time.  He was one of two in his class that ran all the laps.

Parker is so good to his brother.  After he ran he took Brandon by the hand to meet his friends, get a drink and hang out with him. 

Family Texan's Game

My boys are a little obsessed with the Texans to say the least.  We have to tape the football games so they can watch them over and over.  Brandon doesn't watch cartoons--he watches replays of BYU and Texan football games.  A few weeks ago Jason surprised us with a family date night to the Texan's game.  Brandon was SO excited!!!

Cheering wiped the boys out!  By the end of the game Parker was out cold!

Even Super Heros

Even Super Hero's need big brothers to fix their capes for them.  I took the boys for ice cream after school last week and I looked over to see Parker fixing Brandon's cape for him.  Such sweet moments between brothers that make my heart happy!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Birthday Surprises

We had the best surprise a few weeks ago at our house!  My mom and dad showed up on my doorstep and surprised us!  My dad had to come to Houston for work so my mom came with him and then she stayed an extra week and was here to celebrate my birthday!  It was so much fun having them in town!

We went to Chuy's for lunch on my birthday and ended up getting drenched!  It rained so much!

My back yard looked like a swamp (and still smells like one)

My boys spoiled me all week!  They baked and decorated me a cake!  It had LOTS of sprinkles :)

Jason took me on a date a few days after my birthday.  He said we were doubling with Jordan and Shanelle at Dave & Busters but it ended up being a surprise party with friends!

This was such a yummy cake!  One layer was german chocolate and the other was cookies and cream.

Dave & Busters is an adult "Chuck E  Cheese".  We had a lot of fun and when you get this group together you know there will be a lot of competition!